Ranchers at Dark Hammock Legacy Ranch and all around our state work hard to provide great quality food to local residents and people across the United States. We want you to be able to put your trust in what you see at your local farmers markets or grocery store, knowing you’re choosing a label you know will give your body delicious nutrients. While some may be looking to thwart those attempts, others are working hard to protect it. In today’s blog, we’ll tell you about some new initiatives that are in the works. Visit our blog for more ag news. 

Foreign Threats
Did you know many foreign countries own parcels of land in the United States? Foreign companies hold 330,000 acres of American farmland, around 6 percent of the total agricultural land nationwide. China alone holds nearly 97,000 of those acres in the “South Region” (which includes Florida), a report from the federal government said. 

Keeping It Local
When farmland is at a premium, we want to keep American farmland in the hands of American farmers. That way those here (and those who have migrated here) have the chance to pursue ranching, own a business, and provide for those around them. For more on the many aspects of Dark Hammock Legacy Ranch, visit our website

New Bill
We know that agricultural land will only continue to increase in price as space gets more sparse. In addition, we want unused land to stay in the hands of local residents or conservation activities, not foreign companies with interest in our national security. New Agriculture Commissioner Wilton Simpson is quickly utilizing money set aside for conservation to buy up farmland so it can’t fall into the hands of other countries. Simultaneously, he’s working across the aisle with leaders to fast-track a bill which bars the sale of agricultural land within 20 miles of a U.S. military base to companies to the Chinese government or other nations on a list of “countries of concern.”

At Dark Hammock Legacy Ranch, we look forward to continuing to provide great quality grass-fed beef to our neighbors, and hope all those who own land and ranch in Florida have the purest intentions.