The Florida Cracker breed is a living piece of history. It first descended from cattle brought over by the Spaniards in the 1500s. As they colonized parts of Florida, they established cattle systems that were far-reaching and required little supervision to maintain. These breeds that came from their herds are known as criollo cattle, meaning they were of European origin but born in the New World. 

The Florida Cracker is extremely hardy, as it survived by natural selection in these rough conditions. It evolved through generations to overcome parasites, infections, droughts, and hot weather. These cows adapted to survive on low-quality forage available in the South and swamplands.

 It wasn’t until hundreds of years later in the 1900s that it had some competition from other heat-tolerant breeds like India’s Zebus cattle or the American Brahman. While these additions diversified the cattle population of Florida, it nearly ran the purebred Florida Cracker cattle extinct. 

This breed was commonly used in crossbreeding with British, European, and American breeds. It showed a lot of success as these hybrid offspring received the hardy, heat-resistant traits from the Florida Cracker while still being genetically distant from the other parent. However, the other breeds involved were often credited with the offspring’s success, leaving the Florida Cracker abandoned by all but a few dedicated to the breed.

Consistent with other breeds that are adept at withstanding high heat, Florida Crackers are small. Cows range from 600 to 800 pounds, and bulls are 800 to 1200 pounds (American Brahman bulls typically weigh 1600 to 2200 pounds). Florida Crackers come in a variety of colors and can have long twisting horns or horns with a shorter, more crumpled shape. 

The state of Florida is dedicated to the conservation and promotion of the Florida Cracker breed. These cattle are currently being maintained at several state parks and forests. While the breed is still rare, its prospects are brighter than for a long time. 

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