Bone broth — it’s flavorful and a great addition to many recipes. Did you know you can skip the grocery store and make your own? If you’re purchasing grass-fed beef from your local rancher, like Dark Hammock Legacy Ranch, you’ll likely have some bone-in cuts or soup bones that will make the perfect bone broth after you’re done with the meat. This allows you to achieve maximum flavor and is done through a simple process. Learn some tips and tricks for achieving this in today’s blog.

Why make your own? Making your own bone broth helps not waste those valuable resources you already have. Preparation and cooking are simple and inexpensive. It’s full of flavor and also nutritious; the USDA estimates a cup of stock can contain up to 6g in protein! 

How do you make bone broth? While the terms broth, stock, and bone broth are often used interchangeably, there are slight differences among the three. All three involve a simmering process, but broth doesn’t have to include bones. Stock includes animal bones, sometimes roasted, often with meat still attached. Bone broth features animal bones that definitely have bits of meat attached, with the bones almost always roasted in advance. It cooks longer than the other two types and results in a thicker consistency, close to Jell-O, due to the collagen-rich gelatin being pulled off the bones during simmering. Visit our website for a number of recipes. 

How do you get the best bone broth? We recommend blanching the bones first to get rid of any impurities before simmering. Cover the bones with cold water and bring to a boil, cooking for 20 minutes before draining and proceeding with roasting in a glass dish. Remember to add the brown bits from the pan after roasting into the bone broth for flavor. For vegetables in your bone broth, we recommend onions, carrots, celery, and garlic (it adds flavor and is anti-inflammatory). Instant pots are great for saving time, but crockpots are the best option for long-term cooking and safety if you’re leaving them on overnight.

Try these tips out with Dark Hammock Legacy Ranch products, and let us know what you think!