Whether you’re trying to put together a quick dinner or planning for the future, defrosting meat is an essential skill for every home cook to have. Learning to produce a great meal every time, whether the meat has been in the freezer for a week or a few months, is a great way to save money. You can purchase meat in bulk from your local ranch, like Dark Hammock Legacy Ranch, to get high-quality meat that’s ready from your freezer with little notice.

There are four main ways to defrost your meat. These recommendations come from the USDA’s Food Safety and Inspection Services. Be sure to follow all guidelines for the most up-to-date safety info.

#1 Refrigerator – This is the method for best results. It’s the safest way to dethaw meat and is the only method you can use to refreeze your meat if you change your mind. Simply place the meat on a plate to catch any drips and leave it in the refrigerator until thawed. Smaller cuts typically take about 8-9 hours to thaw, while larger items could take a full 24 hours.

#2 Cold Water – This is the second-best method for thawing meat. It’s a good alternative when you don’t have the time to use the refrigerator-thawing method. Put cold water in a bowl and submerge the beef in the water until thawed. Remember to use cold water, not hot (to avoid bacteria). Feel free to change out the water as necessary. 

#3 Microwave – This method is quick, but not preferable as the meat can begin to cook in the microwave during the thawing process. Use the defrost button and closely monitor it throughout the cycle. Follow it up by immediately cooking your defrosted meat.

#4 Frozen – You can actually cook meat straight from frozen! Some studies show that grilling steaks from frozen can be even better than traditional cooking methods. Just keep in mind that cooking times will be increased by approximately 50 percent. For recipes, visit our blog

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