Every year, agriculture students throughout the area work hard to raise their own cattle. They take on the responsibilities of caring and feeding their cows and being responsible for the entire growth progress. This makes for an incredible learning experience and a great lesson in responsibility. Once they show their cattle at the Polk County Youth Fair, they have the opportunity to auction or sell their beef. We’ve partnered with them to help make this happen.

At Dark Hammock Legacy Ranch, we recognize that community support is why we’re here. It’s how we built our ranch and have such a rich history. By lending a helping hand, we’re able to give back to the community and strengthen the ties we all have to each other. We are confident that our friends and neighbors here will be eager to help if they can. 

By supporting the youth of the Central Florida area, we’re investing in the generations to come. We can all build up their self-worth and encourage responsibility while rewarding the efforts of their hard work. What an amazing thing for our youth to take on caring for another living being!

Taking the time, energy, and funds necessary to give back to these young ranchers helps promote a healthy and thriving agricultural environment for years to come. Perhaps some of these youth will go into ranching in the future, or simply go on to be better stewards of the world we’ve been given.

In order to help, we’re partnering with them and our processors at Chop-N-Block to offer a limited-time deal. We’re offering the community the opportunity to purchase this beef, raised by our youth, shown at the fair and certified and graded to meet the USDA Choice requirements. For a limited time, you can purchase a whole or half steer for the low price of $8.50 per pound, as opposed to the $12 per pound or more you might find it priced in the grocery store. A portion of the profits goes back to these students for them to reinvest in next year’s cattle. Support our youth and the future farmers of tomorrow by taking advantage of this deal. Contact Chop-N-Block for more information