You want to succeed as a new farmer. You have a lot of passion for your work, and you’d like to make it pay off. Whether you’re interested in providing for a need in your community, or you’re ready to share your love of farming with the world, we’ve got some tips to help you get started. 

  • Do Market Research
  • Develop a Business Plan
  • Be Ready to Adapt
  • Advertise 

It may sound daunting, but you’re not alone. Rest assured knowing that 25% of farmers have been in business less than 10 years. For more new farmers advice, visit our Dark Hammock Legacy Ranch blog

  • Do Market Research: Before you get started with any other part of farming, you’ll need to do some market research. What are you going to grow and sell at your farm? What is the demand for in your area? What grows well here? Are you shipping to another location? These are all questions to answer before diving too far into buying land or livestock.
  • Develop a Business Plan: If you haven’t taken some basic business classes, now would be a great time to invest in some education. There are some specially designed and dedicated to new farmers. Setting up your farm with a proper business plan helps you understand the costs you’ll be looking at, as well as planning for growth later on.
  • Be Ready to Adapt: We all know after the past few years that adaptability is the key to survival. If your crop goes downhill, how can you diversify? If there are no more local farmers markets, can you ship to your customers? Have some plans ready. It’s also always a good idea to diversify your income. A great example of this is adding a U-pick section of land to your property.
  • Advertise: If your potential customers don’t know about you, how will they purchase your product and support your business? Social media is an easy way to start out yourself, but don’t be afraid to hire an advertising agency for help with a strategy or website design.

Take a breath and know that as a small business, you’re about to do great things for your community. To learn about our history here, visit our website.