Did you know the majority of grass-fed beef isn’t raised or processed in the United States? We’ve touched on that fact before in some of our other blogs. Most of the grass-fed beef sold in the United States comes from abroad, and much of that comes from Australia and New Zealand. Keep reading to learn more about why purchasing locally is so important, and how you can do it for yourself and your family today. 

When you’re shopping in the grocery store for beef, you probably feel pretty good about picking up a grass-fed beef product that says “Product of the USA” on it. You might want to reconsider this thinking, as much of the time products with this sticker are only packaged here, not raised or even processed in the United States. So why buy close to home? Here are a few important reasons.

  • Environmental Benefits. At ranches like Dark Hammock Legacy Ranch, we’re running a full operation. Farmers rotate their cows to different pastures and maintain various grasses to get max nutritional value, but also to increase soil quality, take methane and carbon dioxide out of the air in the local sphere, and decrease erosion effects. 
  • Decrease Carbon Dioxide Emissions. Another great way that buying locally reduces carbon dioxide in your area and around the world is by reducing the need for transport. There’s a vast difference in having to fly beef in from a different continent and driving down the road to get fresh beef.
  • Know What You’re Eating. It’s a pleasure for us to answer your questions, see our farm, and learn about what goes on behind the scenes at Dark Hammock Legacy Ranch. Come and see it for yourself.
  • Support Local Economy. Buying locally supports many lifelong ranchers, increases jobs, and helps us to give back to our community. 




Ready to get your own? Support local businesses and give back to the environment by purchasing your grass-fed beef from Dark Hammock Legacy Ranch.