Here’s some tips for cooking beef for your Thanksgiving dinner table.

If you’ve tasted beef from Dark Hammock, you likely want to share it with everyone you know. What better time to serve your family a delicious meal than Thanksgiving? While not the traditional turkey, grass-fed beef can make a great substitute or addition to your Thanksgiving meal, offering a different flavor profile and great nutritional value. To ensure your beef comes out perfectly, we’ve got some tips in today’s blog on how to cook it just right, no matter what cooking appliance you choose to use.

Oven – Thinking of serving grass-fed beef tenderloin at dinner? The oven is perfect for cooking this low and slow. This cut is easy to “set it and forget it,” leaving you time to work on other things in the kitchen. Sear the roast for two to three minutes on the stovetop, adding your preferred liquids and aromatics to your Dutch oven after. Place in a 300°F oven for four to five hours for a fork-tender meal that took barely any effort.

Slow Cooker – This method works similarly to the oven method mentioned above. It can work with a variety of cuts and again, is easy to prepare in the morning, leaving it to cook for several hours. This time, you’ll sear, then place the beef, liquids and aromatics in the slow cooker. Set on low and come back six to eight hours later. This is a versatile method, so get creative with your recipes! You can find some of our favorites on our blog

Pan Fry – If the oven space is limited due to other dishes cooking, you can cook grass-fed beef on the stovetop. We recommend using this method with smaller cuts of beef like stir fry steak, shaved steak or even ground beef. Season as desired, and feel free to add veggies or other additional ingredients. This will cook quickly, so be careful not to overcook.

With Dark Hammock Legacy Ranch’s grass-fed beef at your dinner table, Thanksgiving this year is sure to be a hit. Celebrate the holidays together with those you love with a great meal.