You’ve seen it in restaurants, farmers markets and product labels. This phrase has become popularized again recently, but some believe it’s just history repeating itself. What does farm-to-table mean to you? Though each chef, owner or farmer would likely give a slightly different definition, we’ll talk about some important aspects of the phrase today and what it means to a consumer. Visit our blog to stay up-to-date on the industry.

Farm-to-table is a way to get back to our roots. It’s the process of fresh products going directly from farmers and ranchers into the hands and tables of the community. Otherwise known as farm-to-fork, the term refers to a direct line from the ranch to the consumer without being chemically treated or artificially preserved. To learn more about how our ranch works, visit our website

What started out as simply natural for the first farmers in America turned into a trend and a selling point. As they would grow food for their families, farmers and ranchers now grow for their community. You can support your local businesses by purchasing directly from the sellers or going to farmers markets in your area. This gives back and supports the local economy. It’ll help you save money, too, as you’re avoiding the markup fees that occur when the product has to be packaged and travel to a grocery store.

Farm-to-table means better food for your body. It’s getting food as fresh as can be directly to your home. It helps us cultivate relationships with each other, with local restaurants and the community. The USDA wants to encourage farm growth in the future by building relationships with the upcoming generation of farmers. Everyone’s participation in this enables farm-to-table to last for years to come.

We love supporting our community! To get your farm-to-table, locally sourced grass-fed beef, visit our website. We thank you for supporting a local business and for supporting Dark Hammock Legacy Ranch.