You’ve probably seen the meat aisle at your local grocery store covered in labels, depicting everything from “organic” to “pasture-raised.” If you’re familiar with the term “grass-fed,” you know that it’s even better than conventional beef. Grass-fed beef has several benefits, but there’s more to the term than meets the eye. We’ll uncover some reasons why and ways to look out for grass-fed beef in your grocery store or when shopping locally. Check out our blog for even more reasons to choose grass-fed beef. 

Though grass-fed is important, make sure you know what you’re buying. This term isn’t regulated by the FDA anymore, allowing companies to take certain liberties when using it. There’s a difference between “grass-fed” and “grass-fed and grain-finished” beef. If you’re looking for the full health benefits of grass-fed beef, ensure the variety is grass-finished as well.

So what are the health benefits? This type of beef provides more healthy fats to your body, making it one of the best types of protein. These higher amounts of healthy fats and lower amounts of bad fats can contribute to lower cholesterol and inflammation (you can learn more about conjugated linoleic acid, a good fat, here). Though grass-fed beef is leaner than its conventional counterpart, it contains almost 18 grams of protein in a 3 ounce serving. Unlike many plant proteins, it also contains all nine amino acids that are essential for the body to obtain through food.

Grass-fed cattle also carry less E coli. than grain-fed cattle. Stomach acid in the cows kills E. coli., but E. coli. in grain-fed cattle is resistant to strong acids. By switching to grass-fed beef, you’re decreasing the risk of getting sick. 

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