At Dark Hammock Legacy Ranch, we don’t just grow great grass-fed beef. We also share recipes and cooking tips in order for you to get the best results at your table. Grass-fed beef is nutritious and full of flavor. Use our best cooking practices in order to impress your friends with healthy meat that’s full of flavor and nutrients. Today we’ll teach you how to cook the perfect burger for a Memorial Day cookout. Visit our blog for more recipes

Is grass-fed beef tough? The simple answer is no. The long answer: grass-fed beef is tough when it’s cooked incorrectly. Grass-fed beef should be cooked differently than conventional beef; after all, it is different! The toughness in grass-fed beef comes from overexposure to high heat, which causes the muscle fibers to contract tightly and become chewy, tough and dry. When it’s cooked correctly, this won’t be a problem.

How do I tenderize my burgers? Place your patty between pieces of parchment paper or in a plastic bag and tenderize with a meat mallet or rolling pin. Don’t overdo it, but a light pounding can help break apart muscle fibers, giving you a tender burger. 

What’s the best way to cook them? When cooking indoors, we recommend using a cast-iron skillet. Preheat with some oil and medium-high heat while you season your patties with salt, pepper, and whatever other seasoning you prefer. Once in the skillet, immediately reduce the heat to medium and cook for about four to six minutes per side for a medium-rare burger. Don’t overcook it!

If you’re cooking outdoors on the grill, proceed with the same seasoning and a preheated grill at 425 to 475 degrees Fahrenheit. Cook for around three and a half minutes on each side for a medium-rare burger. For more recipes, visit our website

Get your grass-fed beef for your cookout by visiting our website. We thank you for shopping local and hope you love the great taste of Dark Hammock Legacy Ranch beef.